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Inception XL 13″ Dab Rig

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Height: 13 inches (32 cm)
Weight: 0.75 kg
Joint: 14 mm
Thickness: 5-7 mm
Color: Pink
Version: 1.0
Release date: Feb 2023

Inception tells the tale of how Fortinah, spawn of the Eldar Fungi came to be… This 13″ waterpipe contains a tree perc that produces large stacks of bubbles!  The perfect size for anyone who wants to use it as a rig as well as for flower.

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On the far side of the Wormhole lies a strange planet by the name of Fungido. Here, where reality bends and physics are a mere suggestion, is the home of the Eldar Fungi. The Eldar, highly sentient fungal beings, emit powerful psychoactive spores potent enough to intoxicate all life, animate and inanimate alike—rocks, water, even the air itself.

Methuselah the Wise, powerful sage and friend of the Eldar Fungi returns to Fungido after fifteen long years. This masterful Psychonaut—hailing from Earthos, a nearby planet in the Insanis solar system—has visited this surreal fungal planet many times.

Though the Eldar have not crossed his mind in many years, he once spent a great deal of time researching their planet. During this time, his experiments brought him to experience the powerful collective consciousness of the Eldar and the potential of their spores. Eventually the spores granted him wisdom, clairvoyance, astral projection, and a glimmering hope for curing his home planet’s slow demise into madness.

Earthos having many problems, Methuselah has been distracted from visiting the Eldar. The Dooma event has rocked the entire solar system, a ripple of strange events growing like a malevolent fungus upon the planets.

When the Eldar call to him as if in a dream, Methuselah can see an alien parasite gripping Fungido. Images of the parasite destroying the Fungi tear through his mind. He cannot not allow this to happen. The Eldar being a treasure to the solar system, his friends, as well as his planet’s hope for the future—he will not allow them to be destroyed.

Despite his efforts, with many potent potions and powerful sage energy forms, he fails to kill the parasites. They replicate faster than he can destroy them, overwhelming the Fungi. He draws on his mind for ideas, but to no avail.

He does not despair however, and retreats into the Fungi forest, settling at the base of a towering mushroom, its cap reaching over him like a shield. Crossing his legs, he inhales, smoothing his beard, and breathes the spores deep into his chest. Despite the pain he feels for his friends being consumed, he slips into a meditative state.

His mind traverses the vast expanse of cosmic knowledge granted to him by the energy of the spores. This expanse of knowledge manifests in a peculiar way. Navigating through these energy corridors requires experience and skill—a weaker mind would slip into madness in an instant. 

The Eldar tongue emerges from the expanse, their harmonic tones communicating with him over the astral plane. Like a song, one of deep need, they implore Methuselah to use his power to help resurrect an ancient elf being. Her name comes to him, a surging note of hope in a tune of desperation. Fortinah.

Even in his meditative state he feels surprise and wonder. Could it be? Fortinah, the same mythical being he heard tales of as a child? Could she be more than urban legend?

The Eldar project a vague, etherial image of Fortinah and he gasps. Though in mere flashes and glimmers, always in the corner of his eye, he knows he has seen this being before. He never thought those dreams would amount to anything until this moment. The Eldar sing to him of a way to resurrect Fortinah and he wakes, resolute in his mission.

He crouches and leaps into the air, soaring high. All is silent as he looks down upon the planet of the Eldar. He breathes in and out, three deliberate times, and chants. “Aum,” the sound of the universe rumbles through him as he dives, gravity taking hold of him. He hurtles toward Fungido, his deep tone resonating with the entire planet.

As he picks up speed, his entire body electrifies. Lightning rages around him. He feels when he as achieved the perfect momentum, and so… He stretches out a finger, channeling the massive energy crackling all around him at a single point on the ground.

In the midst of the parasites eating away at the Fungi, the Eldar grow excited as the planet itself stirs. All Eldar are bound to the ground, and yet the pressure and energy from Methuselah is so intense that some of the Eldar grow wings and take flight.

As Methuselah the Wise comes soaring down, his crackling energy speeds up the movements of the Eldar. They begin to merge—swirling, coalescing—into an elevated form. He draws nearer, reaching out, the power concentrating into his fingertip.

The last fifty feet, a bright light overwhelms him as does the power coursing through his body. He can feel the energy tingle through him, racing over his skin and even his hair whipping all around him. And yet, the sage holds on with all his might. The light becomes so bright he cannot see. He could crash into Fungido and die but if that is the price to save the Fungi, then so be it. He would gladly pay it.

The light and pressure become almost unbearable when he feels the tip of a finger touch his. And he knows it’s Fortinah.

In that instant, everything stops, all motion and chaos ceases, frozen in time. He sees and feels nothing for a second—nothing but the tip of Fortinah’s finger against his. Then… a deep inhale and exhale.

His eyes open and he awakens laying down, cushioned by the fungal ground of the planet. Over him is Fortinah—for it could be no other—an elf like being, the mushroom cap on her head a vibrant red against her blue body. She holds his hand and smiles at him, and he can see her joy reach even the tips of her pointed ears. All around them is tranquility.

He can hardly believe this being sitting before him. Though her image has peppered his dreams, the curiosity has become reality. This, the Eldar Fungi’s savior, emerged at last from 3,000 solar cycles, in his and the Eldar’s darkest hour.


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