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About Us

Multiverse is proud to present Milkyway and Wormhole.  Two highly specialized brands in their respected fields, sandblast and decal. We understand that your customers are looking for something that is more than just a waterpipe. We are here to help you cater to those people.

Our fulfillment centers are based in Dallas and Calgary and our design studio is located in Toronto. As with most glass brands in this industry, our products are made in China. But what makes us different from 99% of those companies is that we control every part of the process from initial design to production and quality control. This was only made possible by owning our production facilities and maintaining the exclusivity.

Our products are designed in our studios in Dallas and Toronto, by people who are deeply rooted in the core values of Multiverse. Without such a dedicated team, we would not have been able to create a new market based on heady style and value for money.


With 10 years experience and a wide range of sandblast techniques, we aspire to create collectable works of art, known for being highly detailed and contemporary in style. We’re passionate about what we do, constantly striving to immerse our customers even deeper into the world of Milkyway. 


Imagine venturing far into deep space, sucked in by a Wormhole and appearing in a bizarre new universe parallel to our own… In which Reapers become bounty hunters, giant zombie spiders battle robotic bees and sentient psychedelic mushrooms spawn a magical elves, and each have their story to tell.  All this and more, on the other side of the Wormhole…

More than just a highly menacing brand, Wormhole products are designed from the ground up.  We start with a story, then custom design/produce a highly functional piece of glass, and finally add our detailed decal, specifically designed to compliment the product’s particular contours.

About the Team

Hemel Parmar

Co-founder / Creative Director

Originally from London UK, Hemel became the creative director at Milkyway in 2019. As head designer, he oversees all aspects of product design and branding. 

A true creative, he transitioned his talents towards graphical design after a number of years in the music industry. His eye for detail and design has helped the company to grow into an internationally recognized brand. His hobbies include travel, painting and exploring yogic culture. You can follow him on Instagram @Multiverse_Creative_X

Nick Xu

Co-founder / Sales Director

Nick has spent most of his life in both US and Canada. His prior experience with startups has given him skills and insights that have proven invaluable to Milkyway’s success.

As Sales Director, his customer focused approach has allowed him to build rapport with our customers and convey the core values that Milkyway stands for. With a passion for innovating processes, Nick has paved the way for the growth of the company. In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports and being a hobby mechanic.