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Skull Emperor: Legacy 15″ Smoke Beaker Skull Bong

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Height: 15 Inches (35 cm)
Weight: 1.4 kg
Joint: 19 mm
Thickness: 9 mm all around
Includes: Colored Smoke Bowl and Stem
Version: 1.0
Release date: Aug 2023

Introducing the ‘Legacy’ version, inspired by games of chance and tyrant kings, this 15” beaker depicts a card game between King Horan and Death himself… With deep sandblast details on a clear tube and base, this ‘Legacy’ beaker makes a nice addition to any skull lovers collection.

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Presenting our Skull Emperor: Legacy 15″ Smoke Beaker Bong. The premier skull bong.

After betting his entire kingdom and even the lives of his subjects, Horan has nothing left to stake. Death persuades him to wager the very flesh on his bones. Sheer will can manifest in the most unlikely of events as he wins the game by playing the ‘Curse of the Saint’ card. However, this card stipulates a trade-off. He is given an ultimatum. Either he can keep his kingdom and mortal body. Or Death can bestow upon him a powerful sage-like foresight and clarity. But there’s a price. He must relinquish his entire body, leaving behind only his skeleton. Horan was a conqueror first, and a man second. He chose power. After taking control of the surrounding kingdoms, he gives himself the title of ‘Emperor’ and plots to further expand his empire…

This skull bong features 9mm glass all around, ice pinch, an extra thick base and a colored Orbit bowl and downstem. It’s the perfect glass bong for those who love skulls on their smoking accessories.

Weight 3 lbs