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Area 51 9″ Rig Smoke (v2.0)

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Length: 9 inches (23 cm)
Weight: 0.55 kg
Joint: 14 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Color: Smoke
Version: 1.0
Includes: Bowl
Release Date: Feb 2023

Area 51 is the sequel to the ‘Roswell 1947’ beaker released in Feb 2022.  Many of you wondered what become of the creature spotted crawling away from the crash. As we now know, it was indeed captured and taken to an undisclosed security facility by US special forces.

Note: this version has sandblast elements on the top and bottom of the base.  Version 1 (MK-1340-2) has sandblast only on top of the base.  Hence the price for this version is higher.

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Presenting our Area 51 Dab Rig in Smoke

In the barren desert of southern Nevada, a rather out of place chain link fence encircles a large stretch of land. Charged with electricity, the fence keeps out the wild coyotes as well as enterprising conspiracy theorists. Within this fence is a rather nondescript building. Though this building looks run down, abandoned even, it houses some of the greatest secrets of the U.S. government.

Buried in the basement is a pristine lab, the likes of which only imagined in dystopian films and stories. Within are long hallways housing security doors that rival bunkers equipped for a nuclear apocalypse. In these halls and behind these doors are quiet, yet industrious scientists and equally quiet and alert guards.

Behind one secure door, is the whirr of machines. Amidst the hum, the scratch of pens to paper, the click of a dial, the trepidatious hypotheses of the scientists within as they watch the specimen suspended in the tank before them.

The select few allowed within these secure doors—and the government agency that recruited them—are the only ones who know of the creature’s existence. Though many outside these walls and beyond the Nevadan desert wonder and whisper about aliens.

As they work, they glance nervously at the “grey,” or so they’ve named the alien, waiting for it to communicate with them. Captured in 1947 after it crashed into Roswell, New Mexico, the scientists search for answers that explain its existence, its purpose, and its functions.

This alien is not the only specimen within these walls, as another team of scientists living in this secret bunker have managed to harvest DNA from the alien and—naturally—decided to fertilize human eggs with it in the name of science.

What has grown from this experiment is highly classified. Not even the scientists studying the “grey” are privy to the information available on it. The only veiled whispers shared over coffee in the kitchen betray a feeling of anxiety. Especially if the hybrid were ever to escape the confines of this facility.

Down a long hallway, that if it weren’t well lit, would belong in a movie where perhaps there was only one survivor, is another securely locked door with yet another tank.

The specimen within this tank is refered to as a ‘Mizumon’… highly alert. No nervous glances from scientists in this room. A raw fear ripples through them.

This one was found off the coast of South America, having caused such a scene that the local news reported it as a particularly vicious shark attack. Despite the uproar, it was a relief to the MJ-12 agents who arrived on scene. Blaming the chaos on a shark attack.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 in




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